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Appointment Setting

Other comprehensive appointment setting process is not complete until you have all the information you’ve asked. If it’s enough for you to send an email, spark a little interest, and then take the conversation from there, then consider it done!

Alternatively, we’re familiar with a lot of lead nurturing practices. If you want us to keep fanning the flames until a prospect is raring to close, we can do that too.

Telemarketing Services

Anybody who thinks telemarketing is outdated underestimates its range of application. It’s like a lighter. You can use it to light a cigar or a stick of dynamite. There are so many ways you can still use the phone to support your other B2B marketing strategies.

Do you got a tradeshow? We can make calls to some prospects in the area. Do you want a more direct follow-up to your webinar attendees? The same calls can be made and with skill that eliminates fear of disrupting your prospect’s time.

Phone Verification

Nothing can be as embarrassing and as costly as list of contacts that’s never been verified. It runs the risk of dead ends. You wind up calling people who don’t even work in the same place any more. Some numbers might have actually become illegal to call.

The good news though is that this nightmare can be just a dream if you have the right call center resources to work through the mess. Asides from contact lists, we can also work to verify the information of any inbound lead you want investigated and even suggest replacements for bad entries.

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  • General IT Product and Service
  • Management Consulting
  • Digital Marketing Service
  • Financial Service/Insurance

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