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Logistics and Transportation

Supply chains constantly require delicate calculations and powerful tools to oversee the massive operations at every step. It is the perfect market to tap into if your sales team specializes in understanding the breadth and scope required to cover all the industry’s pain points.

Attention to detail is also our forte and we listen well. All our leads are processed right under your supervision and you can monitor all exchanges via our complimentary CRM solution. Rest assured that everything a prospect specifies will be noted and anything you deem irrelevant will be discarded.

IT Products & Services

IT is now an official staple in many large and small enterprises. It also covers a vast range of individual verticals from accounting to healthcare. And with further forays into cloud computing, demand in the industry could still rise.

However, it’s also expected that this rise is accompanied by a highly competitive atmosphere. Many are racing to compete in new industries like the cloud and many more are popping up to support the cloud’s unexplored possibilities.


Travel is hardly a consumer-only market. Business professionals still continue to travel frequently (especially in the hopes of expanding operations and keeping up with a globally competitive market). If you’ve been keeping an eye on this niche, we can make more than just a few calls.

Our experience in the B2B sector offers insights on this highly professionalized target market. We know the habits, practices, and even tendencies of decision makers most likely interested in regular business travel.

Office Equipment Solutions

Even the most innocuous and mundane offices require heavy doses of standard equipment. From typical copy machines to the potential growth of 3D printers, there’s hardly a sign of this industry dying out. If what you have is worth pitching to a manager, we can easily set you up.

Our lead generation process is capable of going beyond the first point of contact and can support your sales team by identifying other parties involved. Organizational buy-in is important for us to and we’ll provide any back-up you’ll need to make it happen.


Insurance is no stranger to difficult marketability. However, that’s really more of a problem with articulating your value proposition in the simplest way that gets average decision makers very interested. At SalesIgnite, telling you the right words to say (and say quickly) is a no brainer.

We’ve marketed plenty of insurance providers in our experience. Not only do we know what your prospect organizations want to hear, we also know what they don’t want. Our targeted marketing strategies provide all the accuracy you’ll ever need.

Financial Services

From financial management to accounting, the world of business is never short of problems in this department. But whenever there are problems, there’s demand. Whenever there are pain points, there are opportunities for salespeople who know how to pitch a financial service.

Our services are available to any and all professionals in the industry whether you’re a major banking firm or a private financial advisor. Our cost-effective lead generation strategies can be tailored to meet sales needs of any size and scope.

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Industries We Serve

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